YE660E Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor-Yuwell

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৳ 2,300

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YE660E Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor-Yuwell

৳ 2,300

YE660E Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Batteries : 4 AA batteries required. (included)
Package Dimensions : 26.1 x 14 x 9.2 cm; 600 Grams
Date First Available : 11 August 2019
Manufacturer : Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd.
Item model number : YE660E
Country of Origin : China
Manufacturer : Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd.
Item Weight : 600 g
Generic Name : Yuwell YE660E Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Best Sellers Rank: #52,117 in Health & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Health & Personal Care)
#245 in Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

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Brand: Yuwell
Model: YE660B
Color: White
Types: Upper arm type
Accuracy: < 5 mm hg
Pressure measuring range: 0 ~ 280 MMHG (0 ~ 37.3 kPa) pulse: 40 ~ 200 times/min
The pulse number: 40 ~ 200 times/min
Power type: 4 number 5 dry cell or external 6 V / 600 ma DC power supply
Battery life is generally can measure approximately 300 times
Cuff size: 22 ~ 45 cm
The outer packing size: 100 mm * 65 mm * 65 mm 
Measuring method:
Oscillating mensuration
Measuring range: Pressure measurement range: 0~280mmHg (0-37.3kPa) Pulse: 40~200 minute
Pressure: within ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa)
Pulse: within ±5% of reading value
Working system: Intermittent operation
Electric classification: Class II, type BF application part
Pressure sensor: 
Semiconductor pressure sensor
Pressurization: Automatic pressurize
Depressurization: Automatic air releasing
Power: 4 AA batteries, 6V 600mA DC power
Suitable upper-arm circumference: 22~45cm
Dimension: Approximately L120.5mm×W100mm×H69.3mm
-Intelligent pressure operating mode
-Intelligent pressure pressure way
-Arm type testing way
-Display mode automatically
-Technical parameters Large-scale LCD with date and time display.
-Automatical stored, 74 groups of memory.
-Average value display of 3 times measurement.
-Two dispaly modes: mmHg and kPa.
-Power off in 2 minutes without operation.
Automatic pressure and intelligent pressure difference:
1.Automatic pressure:
Electronic sphygmomanometer disposable pressurizing to 180 MMHG and step-down, if the user more than 180 MMHG blood pressure, two pressure is easy to happen, people feel arm uncomfortable, arm is very tight.
2.Intelligent pressure:
According to the subjects of high and low blood pressure,
Electronic sphygmomanometer can adjust the pressure value intelligence, thus to shorten the time of measurement, people feel very comfortable.
Package included:
1x Sphygmomanometer
1x Power adapter 
1x Armband 
1x Waterproof portable bag 
1x Operating instructions 


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