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Walking Stick Adjustable Soft Handle-Tynor

৳ 550

Walking Stick Adjustable Soft Handle-Tynor

Tynor Walking Stick is a general-purpose walking aid, which can be used by geriatric, weak patients, or can be used as a post-operative rehabilitation aid. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing, comfort, and correct posture. Available in silver, black and golden color.

  • Comfortable handgrip | আরামদায়ক হ্যান্ডগ্রিপ
  • Strong and durable | শক্তিশালী এবং টেকসই
  • Aesthetically pleasing | নান্দনিকভাবে আনন্দদায়ক
  • Easy height adjustment  | সহজ উচ্চতা সমন্বয় করতে পারা
  • Anti-slip pads | অ্যান্টি-স্লিপ প্যাড

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The handle is scientifically designed to mimic the reverse hand anatomy, makes it extremely comfortable, ensures a strong grip with uniform load-bearing. Safety Lanyard allows free use of hands.

Soft gel on the handle top gives it a cushiony soft feel, enhanced comfort, reduced impact and shock transfer to the user’s hand, and better grip. It is latex-free, non-allergenic, odorless, and durable.

High-performance TPE Pod provides excellent traction, high wear resistance, and high resilience.

It is constructed from high strength aluminum alloy tubes, which are light in weight, strong and durable, and have a good weight-bearing capacity. Anodized for a long-lasting, superior finish, and perfect aesthetics.

Max/Min adjustable height: 780/742±5 mm

Weight-bearing capacity: 110 Kg

Code: L 07

Sizes Available: UNI

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