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Vacuum EDTA/ PRO-Coagulation Blood Collection Tubes with Clot Activat/K2EDTA

৳ 500

Vacuum EDTA /Pro-Coagulation Blood Collection Tubes with Clot Activator

Vacuum EDTA Blood Collection Tubes with Clot Activator and No Additive, Purple Tube, 2ml

Brand Vacutech
Size 2ml, 4ml
Box Contains 100Pcs
Box Content 1200 tubes
Length 13X75 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pack

Product Description

Clinical Biochemistry Serology and immunology test.

Action principle and advantage: Clot Activator tube is coated with micronized silica particles which cause blood to clot rapidly. It can provide enough and non-polluted serum specimen for clinical test.

1 Pack = 100 tubes

Technicality Specification
Cap Color Red/Purple
Used For Biochemistry, Serology & Immunology
Additive Micronized Silica > 1.0 mg ± 10%
Effect Cause Blood Clotting Faster
Ideal for Serum
After Collection Invert the tube 4 – 6 times gently.
After 30 mintues, centrifuge for 10 minutes at 3500-4000 RPM
Vacuum Tolerance ± 10%

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Vacuum EDTA / PRO-Coagulation Blood Collection Tubes, Purple Tube, 2ml

No Additive (CE Certified)

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Technology:

  • Precision-engineered tube roundness to prevent infiltration.
  • The new plug cap combination technique to solve the problem of specimen of the plug cap.
  • All rubber safety cap puncture surface to avoid puncturing device bias resulting in breakage phenomenon.
  • Customized blood collection at different altitude to improve safety
  • Reduces cross-infection.

Plain vacuum blood collection tube is made of Medical-grade PET having good optical properties. Weather ability, lexural strength and good transparency due to its highly symmetrical molecular structure.

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