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Pigeon Slim Neck Bottle 240 ml & 120 ml

৳ 455 ৳ 335

Pigeon Slim Neck Bottle 240 ml & 120 ml

Pigeon Slim-Neck Bottle

Available sizes: 240 ml & 120 ml

The ultra-soft silicone rubber with double thickness ensures ideal softness and elasticity so baby can latch on easily and comfortably. Also, the shape fits perfectly with your baby’s tongue, allowing smooth tongue movement while minimizing air intake. The nipple’s roomy base helps your baby open his mouth widely, thereby encouraging steady peristaltic motion.

  • Baby Friendly Bottle
  • Ultra-Soft Silicone
  • Wide-based Nipple
  • Streamlined Shape Bottle

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Pigeon®, Japan;

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