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Glucoleader Red Glucose Test Strips in Aluminium Foil Pack (10pcs)

৳ 220

Glucoleader Blood Glucose Test Strips in Aluminum Foil Pack – 10 pcs
Patented Single Foil Packet Test Strip Technology for Diabetes

  • Aluminum Foil blister for the first time in Bangladesh
  • No fear of damage of any single strip because weather or opened vial
  • 10 pcs of Foil Strips blister
  • Very protected foil sealed
  • convenient for use

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Generally, the blood glucose test strip is very easy to be affected with wet environment after the vial is opened. Moreover, the end-user might get a wrong test result through these expired test strip and cause serious medical care issue. Since we use patented technology to pack our test strip in a single foil packet, the test strip will be well-protected by the foil.

With our patented Single Foil Packet Strip, our end-user is possible to store their test strips conveniently and safety. This also keep the accuracy of test results, preventing the fatal self-diagnostic mistake.

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HMD BioMedical Inc.- Taiwan;

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