Foley Cath Balloon Catheters 2-way WRP Malaysia

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Foley Cath Balloon Catheters 2-way WRP Malaysia

৳ 800

Foley Cath Balloon Catheters 2-way WRP Malaysia

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Foley Cath Balloon Catheters 2-way WRP Malaysia

Manufactured by WRP, Malaysia.

Available in Sizes: 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr.

Ulitimate Comfort Protection

In an effort to improve clinical, economic and patient satisfaction, FOLEYCATH® Natural Rubber Catheters are innovatively designed with silicone elastomer bonding to provide a smooth exterior surface for maximum comfort and added protection against urethral irritation. Sterilized with gamma irradiation, the catheters offer exceptional performance with the following features: Reinforced tip and flexible shaft for smooth insertion and removal Optimum lumen size and shape for fast and efficient flow Large and smooth eyelets provide excellent drainage and tip strength Strong and symmetrical balloon Visible color code for size identification


Type 2-way & 3-way balloon catheters (plastic valve/rubber valve), silicone elastomer bonded and Gamma sterilized
Primary Materials Natural rubber latex
Packing 1 catheter per pouch, 10 pouches (2-way) / 5 pouches (3-way) per dispenser and 20 dispensers per carton
Product Conformance Conform to BS EN 1616:1997, ASTM F623 and MS1369:1995
Quality Assurance Manufacturing process is in compliance with BS EN ISO13485 Quality System

WRP – Malaysia;

Manufacturer Part Number



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