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FOLEY Silicone Catheter 2 WAY, 5CC

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FOLEY Silicone Catheter 2 WAY, 5CC

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FOLEY Silicone Catheter 2 WAY, 5CC

Available in Sizes: 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr.

SunMed’s Foley pediatric and adult catheters are designed with a smooth tapered tip for easy insertion into the urethra. They also feature symmetrical balloons that expand equally in all directions and valves that permit simple inflation and deflation. Available in latex silicone coated or 100% silicone. These catheters are single-use and sterile.

  • Silicone – Inert material preferred for medical devices, less urethral irritation and stricture versus latex material
  • Less encrustation compared to latex catheters; 100% latex-free
  • Smooth tapered tip facilitates easy insertion into urethra
  • Symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions and efficiently retains bladder
  • Color-coded sleeves for easy and rapid size identification
  • Plastic Bespak spring-loaded valve permits simple inflation and deflation
  • More efficient that rubber valves


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