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eSteth Lite – Digital

৳ 10,500

eSteth Lite – Digital

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About eSteth

eSteth is a world class digital stethoscope, designed to provide high quality heart & lung sounds to physicians & nurses for better diagnosis. eSteth also provides state-of-the-art support for Telemedicine. eSteth Lite is the affordable model. designed to support care providers in primary care and hospital settings. eSteth Pro is a superior model with additional features designed specifically for the specialists. Key features of eSteth include:

  •  Amplifies sounds by 100 times.
  •  Easily connects with your devices via Bluetooth.
  •  Records sounds with push of a button.
  •  Stores patient sounds for future reference
  •  Transfers sounds to remote site during teleconsultation


Features of eSteth

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eSteth Mobile App

The mobile application allows health providers to connect eSteth with the smartphone via Bluetooth or audio jack. The application allows management of heart sounds, view heart rhythm, record consultation, and also share sounds with other health providers for second opinion.

Mobile application can also be used both on patient side for referring the sounds, and specialist side for reviewing them.

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eSteth Lite


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