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Beurer Mini TENS Therapy Machine EM-10

৳ 900

Beurer Mini TENS Therapy Machine EM-10
Beurer Mini TENS Therapy Machine

The Beurer Mini TENS Therapy Machine is a miniature butterfly shaped TENS machine pad that is simple to use and discreet.

It delivers effective TENS therapy electro stimulation for pain relief and muscle stimulation and relaxation directly to the area of pain anywhere on your body.

The EM10 mini TENS pad is so simple, flexible and discreet that you can wear it under your clothing to activate it for a 20 minute treatment at any time you require some pain relief. You will be the only person who knows!

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Beurer Mini TENS Therapy Machine EM-10 -Germany

Beurer EM10 Body Pain TENS mini pad features a 20 minute TENS program with 15 adjustable intensity levels with automatic shut off when completed.

The mini TENS pad is powered by a single 3V battery (CR2032) that lasts for up to 20 individual treatments of 20 minutes each.
Gel film skin electrodes are self adhesive and you can use them time after time. When the adhesive properties of the gel film diminish, you can simply replace them.

Made from medical quality silicone rubber, the mini TENS is slim, soft and flexible and adapts precisely to the curve of the painful area to be treated.

Electro stimulation for general pain relief
Targeted pain relief
Reduce muscle tension and stiffness
Soft, flexible, comfortable and safe
Automatic switch-off
Adjustable intensity (15 levels)
Self-adhesive gel film included
Replaceable 3V CR2032 battery
20x 20min treatments per battery

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm

Beurer -Germany

Manufacturer PartNumber

EM 10


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