Acos Disposable Skin Stapler | 35 Wide Staples – ACOS35W

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Acos Disposable Skin Stapler | 35 Wide Staples – ACOS35W

৳ 500

ACOS35W | Acos Disposable Skin Stapler, 35 Wide Staples – ACOS35W

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ACOS Skin Stapler

Acos35w | Acos Disposable Skin Stapler, 35 Wide Staples

Acos skin stapler is used for skin closing in the operating room and emergency room. With this device the operator can shorten the suturing time. Every time when the handle is squeezed the staple is placed one by one.
The staple penetrate the skin first and then formed. Because it is disposable, the user just peels out the package to use and should not reuse.

It is a single use skin stapler evaluated as less jamming, less empty shot with less power for operation.

ACOS Skin Stapler has application in abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic and thoracic surgery for skin closure. It could also be used for great variety of other skin closures.

Unique System

  • Unique ratchet system, preventing jamming.

Easy to Check

  • Easy to check remaining staples in cartridge.

User Friendly

  • Ergonomic and user friendly design

Clear View

  • Clear view on operating site.
  • Materials: Medical grade plastic, stainless steel.
  • Sterilization: ETO
  • Conformity: CE Certificate
  • Packaging: Individually packed in tray with Tyvek


Type span (mm) Height (mm) Wire Diameter
Wide 6.4 4.0 0.57
Regular 5.6 3.8 0.57

View more details at the manufacturer’s website,


SunMedix, Korea;

Manufacturer Part Number



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